Boost sales & support charitable causes with fudge ribbons

Boost sales & support charitable causes with fudge ribbons

This year, October marks its 30th year of designation as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why not offer your customers the opportunity to support this special cause, and increase your fudge sales in the process, by creating fudge awareness ribbons?

Fudge awareness ribbons are a powerful way to bring recognition to a charity or cause, as well as a unique alternative to more traditional fundraising items.

Easy to make

Fudge is poured directly into plastic ribbon containers that come in two sizes – 4 oz. and 8 oz. Fill the containers with traditional fudge flavors, like classic Chocolate Fudge, or with the appropriate color fudge that corresponds to the cause, like pink for breast cancer awareness – Strawberry, Raspberry or Amaretto, for example. When making fudge that will be used to fill the ribbons, add potassium sorbate to inhibit the growth of mold and remember that fudge without inclusions (like nuts or candy) works best.

Selling options

Besides working directly with a fundraising group, you can also sell the fudge filled ribbon containers in your store or at fairs and festivals. Why not create additional support by donating a percentage of your sales to charity? Display a sign that says, “10% of fudge ribbon sales donated to (fill in name of charity).”

Refer to the Cost of Goods information for item stock numbers and to ascertain profits based on costs and retail selling prices. To accommodate in-store direct sales to consumers, you should price the ribbons at the lower end of your price range since profits are solely yours. Use higher level pricing when profits are shared between you, as the fudge retailer, and the charitable organization or group.

Fudge awareness ribbons will draw interest help drive sales, while combining a delicious product that everyone loves with charitable giving.

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