Fairs, fundraisers, direct to business: this retailer tries them all

Fairs, fundraisers, direct to business: this retailer tries them all

We participate in craft fairs in the spring and from late September through Christmas. Customers love the holiday tins of fudge, especially after they taste the fudge. We always give out samples and that helps increase sales. Most of my customers purchase tins of fudge and consider them affordable holiday gifts.

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We also sell fudge to businesses for holiday and corporate gifts. I have some corporate customers who give fudge to their employees -- usually during their holiday office party. For any fudge retailer who wants to sell holiday fudge, they should make contact with businesses no later than the first of December. In fact, some people order holiday gifts as early as September and October. When approaching businesses as potential holiday fudge customers, the best thing is to offer a sample so that people can taste the quality of the product. Bring a sample tin, if possible, or take along a packaging flyer like the one Calico provides. These selling methods really encourage sales.

We do really well with fundraisers at holiday time. I’ve participated in fundraisers for schools, dance studios and sport teams. I find that fundraising works best for me when the group or organization uses a flyer to sell fudge ahead of time. They’ll show people what items are available for purchase, collect the money and then place the order with us. We’ll then make the fudge to order and have it ready for delivery. From the time the fundraisers turn in their order, there is a turnaround time of two weeks. In case I don’t have enough of the containers, I can get them from Calico within three days and still make my deadline.

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  • Fundraising 101

    Fundraising 101

    If you’re ready to grow your fudge business, you’ll find there are unlimited opportunities to sell your fudge outside of your store, from fundraisers to fairs and festivals. And, once you learn the ropes, you’ll find that trying these other avenues can be a lot of fun.

  • How to make fundraisers work

    How to make fundraisers work

    I bought my fudge making business, Udder Ideas, from the previous owner in 2005. I just instantly stepped into her shoes.