Get your fudge on TV

Appearing on a local show has helped one retailer spread the word about her business

Get your fudge on TV

My fudge-related television career started in the fall of 2008. I had sent some Fudg-Kist™ Apples to Virginia This Morning, Richmond’s local morning show on CBS. I was invited to appear on the show to dip and decorate Fudg-Kist™ Apples. I was invited back again at Christmas with my Twelve Fudges of Christmas and Christmas apples, including Rudolph – an adorable reindeer apple. That was really cool.

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  • Novelties 101

    Novelties 101

    Looking for new ways to get customers excited about fudge? Think Fudg-Kist™ Apples, Fudge-Dipped Fruit, Marshmallow Pops, Log Rolls and other candy treats.

  • Selling fudge beyond your store

    Selling fudge beyond your store

    Your retail store may be your headquarters for selling fudge, but there are plenty of other places where you can market it, from local school fundraisers to regional crafts fairs, when you’re ready to grow your business. Here are some venues that have worked for fudge retailers. This is just a starting point, however. Look for new opportunities to sell your fudge every day and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your sales grow.