One retailer finds it’s easy to multi-task while preparing fudge

One retailer finds it’s easy to multi-task while preparing fudge

It’s fabulous that you don’t have to baby sit the fudge during production. This is a small, family-owned business, so I need to multi-task. When I arrive at the store, I throw my butter, water and Part 1 ingredients into the kettle. I’ve got my little clip-on timer so I can go about the store and do my thing. The timer goes off, I add the remaining ingredients and walk away from the kettle. I stop the kettle once and use the rubber scraper to knock off any ingredients that may have accumulated on the agitator. Beyond that, I let it go. It’s just that easy.

Got fudge?

Delicious, high profit fudge makes your store a destination.


If I get busy with a rush of customers, I can let the kettle spin and I don’t worry about it. I might turn the temperature down to low just so the fudge doesn’t overheat. If the kettle runs a bit longer than it normally should, I just add a little bit of water, mix it in and, voilà, the fudge is ready to go.

I have trained one of my employees to make fudge. She can set up the kettle and then go around and decorate the shop or help with customers. As long as she wears the timer, she’s fine.

Making fudge is effortless. That’s the beautiful thing.

Main Street Mercantile
Brad Weigand


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