This retailer enjoys watching customers’ faces light up when they first taste his fudge

This retailer enjoys watching customers’ faces light up when they first taste his fudge

We sample fudge and train all our employees how to do it. Employees love to do sample. They love the look on people’s faces when they taste the fudge. If people haven’t tried our fudge, they always look just a little bit skeptical when we tell them how good it is. I just love to watch my customers’ faces light up when they taste our fudge. Their eyes start to open wide and smiles appear. After one taste, they want to try a few more flavors.

Making people happy is probably my favorite part about selling Calico fudge. It brings joy to your customers and will bring dollars to your store.

– Sandy Dise, Atkin's Farms Country Market

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We have a policy that customers can try whatever flavor and as many as they want. Trying our fudge is important. We strongly encourage people to try our fudge.

Customers will tell us that they’re not buying fudge that day, so they don’t want to sample. I tell folks to try our fudge, whether they’re buying or not, so that they’ll know what it tastes like and where they can get delicious fudge when they do decide to make a purchase. Out of the customers who sample our fudge when they’re not looking to buy any, about half end up buying fudge then and there.

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Tony Sobczak


  • Sampling 101

    Sampling 101

    Very few people wake up and crave fudge. The fact is, buying fudge is often a purchase made on impulse. That’s why sampling is critical to capturing a sale.

  • Sampling works

    Sampling works

    Calico suggested that in order to increase our profits, we should try giving samples to every customer and offer them half a pound of fudge free with the purchase of a pound. So … we tried it immediately! We had prepared enough fudge for a “normal” weekend but nearly everyone wanted their free half pound so most of our sales were for a pound! We seriously had a hard time keeping enough fudge to sell.