Fudg-Kist Apples for all occasions

See how to make these special treats

If you love to express your creativity, you’ll find there’s no limit to the varieties of Fudg-Kist Apples you can create. Our retailers have succeeded with ideas ranging cute panda bears to seasonal offerings, like Halloween-themed pumpkins.

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  • Novelties 101

    Novelties 101

    Looking for new ways to get customers excited about fudge? Think Fudg-Kist™ Apples, Fudge-Dipped Fruit, Marshmallow Pops, Log Rolls and other candy treats.

  • How To: Make Fudg-Kist™ Apples

    How To: Make Fudg-Kist™ Apples

    An irresistible blend of tart and sweet, fudge-dipped apples are a delightful treat any time of the year.