All about sucrose free or diabetic fudge

All about sucrose free or diabetic fudge

Expand your business in a variety of ways by offering Calico’s superior, Sucrose Free Fudge to diabetic customers who love fudge, but can’t tolerate certain kinds of sugars.

Using Sucrose Free Plain ingredients or Sucrose Free Chocolate ingredients, retailers can create dozens of tempting fudge flavors; a selection and quality virtually unavailable for diabetics anywhere else. 

Why Sell Sucrose Free Fudge?

With today’s aging population there is an increased demand for high-quality confectionary products that diabetics can enjoy, and most sucrose free products simply don’t taste as good as Calico’s Sucrose Free Fudge. Once your customers taste it, they’ll be hooked! You will generate repeat businesses and loyal customers. Sucrose Free Fudge also generates mail order opportunities and wholesale opportunities to health food and candy stores.

What Does “Sucrose Free” Mean?

Sucrose Free fudge ingredients use isomalt and fructose as sugar substitutes. Isomalt was developed in the early 1950s and is easily tolerated by diabetics. It’s about 50% lower in calories than regular sugar and only 50% of isomalt is metabolized in the human body. Fructose is a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruit and it causes a slower rise in blood glucose levels than other simple sugars. Fructose is a primary ingredient in many products geared towards diabetics.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy. Call Calico’s Customer Service line at 800 645-5345 or order our Sucrose-Free ingredients, request special, Sucrose-Free recipes and to review Calico’s special Sucrose-Free newsletter. We’ll send you a 5 ½” x 7” Sucrose-Free sign insert that provides nutritional and dietary information and an acrylic sign holder free with your first order.