Checklist: resources for you and your team

Checklist: resources for you and your team

Looking for help with making or selling your fudge? Here’s a checklist of the resources we offer on our website, to help you and your staff answer your questions quickly and easily.

Fudge: The centerpiece to success

Fudge is profitable—and boosts overall sales


  • How Tos: A master fudge-maker shares practical tips in short videos to help you learn the many aspects of making, decorating and merchandising fudge.
  • Recipes: Offer customers an exciting variety of delicious flavors and treats by tapping into our 150-plus fudge recipes.
  • Ingredients: Understanding why our fudge mix and recipes are the best available will help you and your team to sell the merits of your fudge to customers.
  • Sampling: The most tried-and-true way to get customers to buy your fudge is to offer a mouth-watering sample. We’ll show you how to offer a taste in a way that customers can’t resist.
  • Upselling: By mentioning special offers at the right moment, you can increase sales dramatically. Here’s how to do it.
  • Planogram: Arranging your fudge display in a way that makes each flavor look as irresistible as possible will help your sales. Here’s the best way we’ve found to display the most popular flavors.
  • Products Calico sells: Save your valuable time by ordering the ingredients and equipment you need in one convenient place. Here’s a catalog of the products we offer.
  • Kettle care: Give this essential piece of equipment the TLC it needs. Follow these tips.
  • Q & A: Tap into the collective wisdom of Calico’s retailers by posting your questions here. Or share your own best practices by answering questions that others have posed.

Follow these links and ensure that your fudge program will bring you consistent results, predictable sales and generous profits.


  • How to videos

    How to videos

    Our clear, easy-to-follow directions will guide you as you learn to swirl fudge, drizzle, dip apples and more. It’s like having a master fudge maker right there with you.

  • Fudge Recipe Collections

    Fudge Recipe Collections

    Looking for kettle fresh fudge recipes with peanut butter? For kids? Summer favorites? Browse recipe collections for every occasion and palate.