For over 50 years, Calico Cottage has been the gold standard for the most delicious fudge anywhere. As a family owned and operated company, we have a deep tradition of fostering a tightly knit organization that promotes values-based business practices and integrity.

Fudge is our only business and we have spent many years perfecting our Fudge Retailing Program.  If you are not yet a customer, please consider taking a look at our profit calculator.  You will quickly see how fudge is one of the highest profit margin items per square foot of retail space. 

Our mission is to partner with our customers to bring FUDGE into the hearts, minds and stomachs of people everywhere.

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  • Meet Calico Cottage’s Management Team

    Meet Calico Cottage’s Management Team

    Our management team makes sure that every aspect of the company is running smoothly so it can best serve you, our customer. Take a minute to learn about our team, and you’ll see why Calico excels at what we do.

  • A history of Calico Cottage

    A history of Calico Cottage

    Calico Cottage has a long history of hard work, perseverance, unwavering commitment to quality and an intense dedication to customers. More than anything else, the core foundation of this family-owned business has always been the deep-seated importance of conducting itself with honesty and integrity.