Is food safety important to you? It is to us.

Is food safety important to you? It is to us.

Calico Cottage obtained the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute Level 2 Certification, and achieved a rating of "Excellent" from National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, an independent public health and safety organization.

What does this mean for our valued fudge retailers?

We achieved this elite level of food safety, systems and process as an extra measure of quality assurance, to ensure that our products continually exceed global standards. SQF certification allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain, boosting brand protection, consumer confidence and loyalty.

SQF is recognized by retailers, foodservice providers and regulatory agencies worldwide that require HACCP food safety and quality management systems by their suppliers. Calico Cottage is the only manufacturer of fudge ingredients that holds this globally recognized food safety certification. 

The Calico Cottage promise

At Calico Cottage, we care tremendously about the safety of your customers. Our SQF Level 2 Certification is the latest in our long history of adhering to the most rigorous food safety standards. We guarantee that we will never stop striving to improve our quality systems while always providing the safest, best quality food to you and your consumers.