Our promise will help sweeten your success

Our promise will help sweeten your success

We realize that our customers have choices, so it is our priority to focus on doing everything in our power to ‘sweeten their success.’

In the past, customers have told us that they not only expect us to deliver premium quality products at a fair price, they also count on us to provide guidance and support in helping achieve their fudge business goals. We resolve to do this by addressing each customer’s particular business issues through personalized attention.

It is our mission to continue to meet expectations and build trust with every interaction. Therefore, this is our promise to our customers:

Calico Cottage is committed to sweetening your success by delivering excellence in product quality and personal service every day. Our goal is to provide you with the finest products, expert guidance, and unrivaled support for your business. We strive to understand what you need to set yourself apart from your competitors, keep your customers coming back and, at the same time, maximize your sales and profits. Calico always wants to do the right thing, honor our commitments and treat you with respect.

If, at any time, in any way, Calico is not upholding this promise, we need to hear from our customers. Even if it is simply to talk, we’re here to listen. We’ll address any comments or concerns and personally respond.

Our goal, as always, is to continue to earn our customers’ business – each and every day.

Mark Wurzel, President & CEO

Tom Montoya, COO

Lawrence Wurzel, Vice President