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Calico Fudge – Questions and Answers

Tap into the collective wisdom of experienced fudge makers at Calico headquarters and in every state and across the world. Here’s the place to find answers to everything you’d ever want to know about fudge.

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    Asked by: Alana D. Answers: (1)

    Is the Calico Cottage Fudge Mix Kosher?

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    Asked by: Fudge 911 Answers: (1)

    Can fudge be frozen?

    Fudge made with Calico's ingredients can be frozen for up to a year. Cut fresh fudge into the size piece(s) you would like to freeze. Wrap the pieces with an air tight material such as aluminum foil. (Most plastic wraps, other than Saran, are actually not air tight barriers).  Place the pieces of wrapped fudge into a plastic freezer bag and store in the freezer until needed.  The amount of  fudge you place in each freezer bag should be the amount you would want to defrost at any one time. The secret to successfully freezing fudge is in the thawing process.  When you are ready to consume the fudge, remove the fudge from the freezer.  Keep the fudge in the plastic bag and let it sit, at room temperature, for several hours until it has thawed. After thawing, remove the foil, or Saran, from the cut piece of fudge.  If the fudge is removed from the plastic bag before it has come back to room temperature, moisture in the air will condense on the fudge, making the top of the fudge sticky and soft.

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    I want to use different names for my fudge, is that okay?

    We love creativity when it comes to fudge names and encourage you to develop names that are reflective of your location and store's personality! Just be aware that other companies do not like their trademarks infringed upon. For example; Good Humor – Breyers Ice Cream have numerous trademark registrations protecting the use of the name “Creamsicle” and “Popsicle” and are very serious about prohibiting unauthorized use as a flavor name or description of a flavor.

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    Can I use Calico photos in my signs or store?

    Most of the photos you see in Calico’s mailings, manual, or merchandising materials are available to you. Just contact customer service.

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