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Calico Helps You Differentiate, Build Customer Loyalty And Win On The Perimeter.

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Is Your Perimeter

Feeling Tired?

Does your perimeter offer products that evoke a response from your shoppers? Keeping the perimeter fresh and appealing to the senses results in a win on profitability. Calico offers solutions to this on-going challenge grocers face by revitalizing weaker categories and rethinking products and how they are merchandised.

Are Your Shoppers
Shopping Around?

Calico Provides Desirable, Consistent, High Quality Products.

Gone are the days of unwavering brand and retail loyalty, but there are ways to keep your shoppers coming back. Calico understands this struggle and knows that loyalty can be achieved by offering quality products and unique experiences to your shoppers. As findings from Nielsen show, 45% of shoppers will choose where to shop based on quality. Calico has options to build your brand loyalty by increasing your customized, quality, private label opportunities which will keep your shoppers coming back for more.
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Inflate Your Shopper’s Basket Size.

Impulse purchases are crucial for adding to the basket size. Calico understands the value of having visually appealing, convenient, options that are uniquely yours. Shoppers need to have those quick grab-and-go options that make them remember why they visit your store, and want more of your products. Brick-and-mortar locations need to focus on products that can only be purchased in store, not online, and are readily available. Calico can provide options that will increase your impulse purchase offerings and set your store apart from the competition.

Learn The 5 Biggest Threats Facing Food Retail And How To Overcome Them.

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