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You Can Sell A Little Fudge
Or With Calico,
You Can Sell A Lot Of Fudge

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Per Year Potential

Sounds Pretty Good, Right? But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Sounds Pretty Good, Right?
But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

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“Fudge had a huge impact on our sales as well as creating a fun event for our customers and a great opportunity to engage.”

Club’s Bakery Broker

Experience The Calico Difference

Our Fudge Program Isn’t Just Selling You Fudge Ingredients, Its The Totality Of All That We Do

The Safety Difference

Certified Food Safety

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At Calico Cottage, food safety is our top priority ensuring that the brand reputation you’ve crafted is never compromised. Our SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing Certification is the latest in our long history of adhering to the most rigorous food safety standards. We guarantee that we will never stop striving to improve our quality systems while always providing the safest and best food products to you and your consumers.

Less than 1% of all food companies in the USA achieve this level of food safety, systems and processes.
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The Brand Difference

Your Brand.
Your Label.
Our Support.

How is it possible that we’ve been leading the industry in fresh fudge for more than 55 years and you’ve never heard of us? From the beginning, it was always about your brand. Our business is helping you build a successful business. Fudge is a confection, not a candy, and the best way to sell it is fresh, with your own homemade label.  

“When Calico’s retailers put their name on the fudge, it makes the statement—you can only get it here, one place in the whole world” - Mark Wurzel, CEO of Calico Cottage.
Individually branded white fudge boxes on a white background
The Quality Difference

Unmatched Quality, Consistency And Years Perfecting Our Product

Your brand deserves the best tasting and highest quality ingredients. Calico’s quality is one-of-a-kind. It took years of research to perfect the Calico blend of premium ingredients that result in the best-in-class fudge we are able to provide today. There is not one element that defines Calico fudge products; it starts with the combination of  custom milled sugar, premium grade vanilla and our proprietary blend of 3 types of cocoa beans. These ingredients are complemented by premium sourced and meticulously tested colors and flavorings to ensure the best looking and best tasting fudge that you will be proud to put your name on. 

A study by Deloitte found that  retailers who feature premium products had revenue soar by 81% over the last 5 years while price-based and balanced retailers have shown much slower, to flat, growth.
Bag of Calico Cottage fudge ingredients mix with images of fudge and cocoa in foreground
The WOW Difference

Fresh Fudge + Innovation Keeps The Customers


Staying relevant and fresh in an ever-evolving retail landscape is challenging. With more than 300 decadent flavors, and counting, there is an abundance of opportunity to keep your business fresh and relevant. Calico has more than 55 years of experience in staying on trend, and we love sharing what we know with our Calico partners.

“The peanut butter chocolate fudge was my favorite until Calico introduced red velvet and carrot cake which are unbelievable. Carrot cake is now my #1 seller and customers are wowed by this flavor and taste.”
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The Team Difference

55 Years Of Success Has Showed Us How To Win When Others Have Failed

No Other Supplier Offers The Sales, Service And Merchandising Like Calico. No One!

No Other Supplier Offers The Sales, Service And Merchandising Like Calico. No One!

Calico provides everything needed to enable your success, including effective signage, marketing tools, sales enablement programs, promotional tips and merchandising techniques, extensive on-site training and provides a network of unrelenting service and support. We’re the folks in your corner. We’ve got your back! 

I couldn’t have achieved this success with any other vendor. Calico Cottage is more than a supplier, but a partner focused on my store’s success.”

55 Years Of Success Has Showed Us How To Win When Others Have Failed

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