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Success Like This Is Too Exciting To Keep To Ourselves!

Middle aged white woman wearing an apron holding a megaphone up to her face

We’ve grown our fudge business to grossing approximately

$250,000 a year

at an over 60% profit margin, which is outstanding…the rest of our building typically generates far less profit.

Vice President, Kittery Trading Post

I couldn’t have achieved this success with any other vendor.

Calico Cottage is more than a supplier,

but a partner focused on my store’s success.

Karen Hester, Owner - The Southern Churn

I recently raised the price of a pound of fudge and have had no resistance at all. I had concerns about getting into the fudge business because I felt it was a huge investment. But, I’m not concerned now. As a matter of fact, we’re doing so well that I have plans for turning my location into a

signature fudge destination.

Bill Niffenegger, Owner - Old Apple Barn

We started on May 13th and, by the end of June, we had

grossed over $15,000.

[Our] Profit at that point was about $8,000. In less than two months, we got back our initial investment.

Tony Sobczak, Owner - Mousehouse Cheesehaus, Inc.

Fudge is consistently one of the top three selling items in our store… In a little more than two months, we’ve made about

$25,000 in fudge sales. We set a one-day record of $825.

My goal is to reach $1,000 in fudge sales in a single day. As long as you follow the program, you’ll earn back your investment in no time. The combination of the product, the profit and putting in something different in our store all came together with fudge.

Aimee Schull - The Outlet Store

Middle aged white woman wearing an apron gesturing to her left side

Isn’t It Time You Ramped Up Your Business With The Power Of Fudge?

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