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Done The Calico Way

  • Drives Traffic
  • Increases Repeat Visits
  • Raises Dwell Times
  • Gives Customers A Reason To Buy More Products…Storewide.
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The Widest Profit Margins

The Widest Profit Margins

Of 70% Or More!

$15.99 sell price per box$15.99 sell price per box



*Includes all labor and ingredients.

How Do I Grow My Profit Margins?
Includes all labor and ingredients.

Fudge Helps Sell Everything In Your Store.

Drive Traffic. Increase Dwell Times.

Fudge creates an atmosphere of fun, nostalgia, and leisure. Shoppers that browse and buy at the fudge counter are in a great mood, (who’s not happy when buying fudge!) they hang around the store longer and buy other items. Draw people in and create excitment with a fudge experience.
Cash register with dollar signs displayed on the screen

“Fudge isn’t half my business, but without it, I’d lose half my business.”

Nicole Bucher - Calico customer since 2007

They Buy Now…
They Buy For Later.
You Always Profit.

There are many benefits to Calico Fudge: 
  • Fudge is great for gifting, sharing and sampling
  • Slow your shoppers down, increase dwell times
  • Impulse buys increase basket size
  • Multiple options for selling, packaging and offering your fudge
  • Make shoppers feel that something personalized was created for them
  • Profit margins of 70% or more
  • Private label quality products put you a step above the competition
  • Seasonal varieties keep you relevant year-round
…but most importantly, fudge makes people happy.
Little girl smiling and holding a piece of fudge up to her mouth

Give Customers More Than Products… Give Them Memories.

How many products evoke emotion and memories from shoppers? Fudge made with Calico ingredients will provide your store with personalized, memorable experiences that your customers will not forget as they reflect on happy times. The experience of tasting, sharing and the aroma of fresh made fudge will create a warm, social environment in your store that will result in increased revenue and buzz. Who doesn’t love unique flavors of fudge that can be sampled, gifted, and shared with family and friends?

The excitement of watching fudge being made on site will keep your shoppers dwelling. Buying a product that is local and uniquely yours will have them talking about your store, their experience, and the quality of products you offer.

Build Your Own Brand!

Provide Your Customers With High-Quality Fudge With Your Name.

Retail shoppers today seek out the highest quality of products. Calico is recognized for providing our retailers with consistent, private label, high-quality products that make fudge mastery a breeze. We’re proud to say that four of the top-ten retailers selected by Cooking with Paula Dean as having the “Best Fudge in America” are Calico Cottage customers.
Hand holding an iPhone with the Twitter app opened displaying tweets about fudge
Stack of colorful fudge in the foreground with slabs of fudge in the background

Over 300 Flavors

To Keep Your Customers Excited, Your Display Fresh, & Customers Coming Back For More.

Over 300 Flavors To Keep Your Customers Excited, Your Display Fresh, & Customers Coming Back For More.

Variety is limitless! Keep your products fresh, unique, timely, seasonal and locally inspired. Fudge creates opportunity to incorporate ingredients local to your community and relevant to your shoppers.
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