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Retail Is Not Dead. Boring Retail Is.

Calico Has Been Turning Stores Into Destinations For Over 55 Years.

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Looking For A Way To Win Against Online Sellers?

Offer Customers A Remarkable Experience.

The term “retail apocalypse” is dramatic — but so is the reality of the competition that Retail Chain Stores face from online sellers. Brick-and-mortar stores have an advantage that no online site can match: the opportunity to interact with consumers in person, surprise them with interesting products, and keep them coming back.
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Red badge with the word exclusive
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Inflate Your Shopper’s Basket Size.

Impulse purchases are crucial for adding to the basket size. Calico understands the value of having visually appealing, convenient, options that are uniquely yours. Shoppers need to have those quick grab-and-go options that make them remember why they visit your store, and want more of your products. Large chain retail stores need to focus on products that can only be purchased in store, not online, and are readily available. Calico can provide options that will increase your impulse purchase offerings and set your store apart from the competition.

Be Unique.

Give Customers An Experience That Can Only Be Found At Your Store.

Price shopping is a very real threat to large chain retail stores. Retail opportunities are abundant between e-commerce and boutique local shops. In order to create buzz about a large retail store, there must be unique features that keep your shoppers engaged, interested and leave them wanting more.

 Meet the need to be continually different. Our retail solutions provide unexpected products that will catch the attention of busy consumers. 
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Escape The Retail Apocalypse And Keep Your Stores Filled With Customers.

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