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Fudge Done The Calico Way Will Set You Above Your Competition.

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The Widest Profit Margins

The Widest Profit Margins

Of 70% Or More!

$15.99 sell price per box$15.99 sell price per box



*Includes all labor and ingredients.

How Do I Grow My Profit Margins?
Includes all labor and ingredients.

“In Fudge They’re Expecting To Find The Traditional Flavors… It’s A Pleasant Surprise To Someone That They Can Find All These Cool Flavors.

Assistant Sales Manager - Dylans Candy Bar
Middle aged man holding a young boy while a young girl holds up a container of fudge to show them

Not Just A Product, But A Reason To Shop There.

Experiential Retailing means delivering a unique and memorable experience that entertains, engages the customer’s senses and connects with the customer’s emotions.

Reaching modern shoppers in our society today requires more than winning on price. Modern retail shoppers choose quality over price and experience over digital buying. Engage their senses, slow them down, increase engagement, and keep them coming back for more with fudge made from Calico ingredients. Make your store an experience with Calico fudge.

Create A Buzz For Your Brand With Fudge.

Stand out from the competition and differentiate yourself with a product that can only be found in your store. Calico gourmet fudge, branded with your label, will keep your store relevant, fresh, and versatile with an assortment of flavors for all seasons. Be the brand modern shoppers are talking about with Calico fudge.
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Stay Fresh And Exciting With Nearly Endless Colors And Flavors To Support Holidays, Seasonality And Localization.

The versatility of fudge can keep your store relevant and connected to the seasons year round. Fudge made from Calico ingredients allows you to update your selections based on your locality and the need of your shoppers and community. 
A variety of colorful slabs of fudge in a variety of flavors
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