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Calico Helps Destinations And Attractions Increase Guest Spend/Per Cap.

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Does Selling An Admission Ticket Lead To The Thrill Of Additional Profits Or The Decline Of Your Per Cap?

Calico understands that destinations and attractions have been focused on building foot traffic focus of park per caps spending patterns of your visitors and with F&B totaling approximately 20% of customer spend, there is room for growth in this segment. Calico can help expand your appeal to both tourists and repeat, local visitors that will meet and exceed your per capita/margin goals.

Are You Considered A One Time Visit Or…

Part Of A Family Tradition?

Do your guests come back yearly? Which of your products are creating memories? Companies that cater to tourists need to make visitors feel special, welcomed and individually appreciated. Those are feelings that can resonate long after the vacation has ended and spark a desire to return.

Offering personalized products, Entertainment and Recreation businesses have the power to shape the customer’s experience, build loyalty and drive results. Calico is devoted to developing a personalized experience that you can offer your consumers because we understand it is the key to turning one-time visitors into lifelong fans.  
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Are You Burdened With Sourcing Products As The Seasons Change?

Retailers in the Entertainment and Recreation industry must constantly operate in one season while thinking about the next. Managers and owners know they have a short window to sell memorable seasonal items before they are no longer relevant. Season fudge solutions can help ease that burden and keep you relevant all year long.
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Learn The Little Known Tricks To Reversing A Weak Per-Capita Spending Trend!

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