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Calico Has Been Building Traffic And Profits For Independent Retailers For Over 55 Years

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Is Your Store Traffic And Sales Heading In The Wrong Direction?

Are Online Retailers And Large Chain Stores Taking A Bite Out Of Your Sales?

Calico Fudge Solutions Make Looking At Monthly Earnings A Happy Experience.

Independent Retailers face intense competition from both larger stores and online shopping. Differentiate yourself and increase margins and traffic by creating a unique “WOW” moment in your store and keep them coming back by creating a unique in-store experience that you can’t buy online.  

When Was The Last Time Going To Your Store Was A Memorable Experience?

Fudge Is The Right Solution To Differentiate You From Your Competition.

Trends, seasonality, localization, these are some of the challenges independent retailers need to overcome to stand out from the retail chain stores. We have solutions to help you connect with your consumers with our versatile products. Increase senses, evoke responses and make a remarkable experience in your store with Calico Fudge. 

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Are You Challenged By People Coming Into Your Store And Not Buying Enough?

Turn Browsers To Buyers, Transactions Into Interactions With Fudge Made From
Calico Ingredients.

Consumers need a reason to linger, enjoy their experience and want to return; and your products should fulfill these needs. However, constantly seeking out and incorporating new items that will excite consumers takes time and effort.

Merchants who run small stores don’t always have the time and resources to travel to gift/trade shows or spend hours browsing product portfolios. We can help with products and solutions that meet your needs and your customers’ needs and tastes, as well as drive top-line sales with margins as high as 75%.
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Learn The 5 Powerful Ways Experiential Retail Changes The Way You Do Business!

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