This Retailer Won a Contest after Selling Fudge for Only a Few Weeks

The ease of the Calico Fudge Program made this newcomer feel like a pro

We were in the fudge business for just three weeks when we entered a contest and won the award for “Best Fudge” at the Colorado Chocolate Festival in 2009.

I debated as to whether I should enter the competition because we were so new at fudge making. I decided, what the heck? When the announcer said, “Best Fudge in all of Colorado – Roberta’s Chocolates,” I was so surprised. I went up on the stage and told the crowd that we’ve only been making fudge for three weeks. And, all the time I’m thinking, “I probably made some people mad who’ve been making it for years using their parents’ recipes.” Who knows? I have the certificate and the ribbon that says “Best Fudge.” Our winning fudge flavor was Chocolate Caramel Peanut.

I used fudge in my creation that won Best Chocolate Design at the Colorado Chocolate Festival. I created a scenic design of a cabin near a lake. Fudge was used to make the mountain, waterfall and lake.

The Colorado Chocolate Festival is a competition against your peers. I call it our Academy Awards. With 40 vendors participating, we’re very proud that we won three out of four contests, including “Best Fudge!”

I put up signage outside the store and display the Fresh Fudge banner from Calico. I have a sign in my store window that says, “Colorado Chocolate Festival 2009 Chocolatier Championships: Best Toffee, Best Fudge, Best Chocolate Design Awarded to Roberta’s Chocolates.” You can see it from about 100 yards away.

It’s amazing how quickly fudge has become such an important part of my life.

Roberta’s Chocolates
Roberta Poirier