Turning a Store Into a Fudge Destination

Making and selling the creamiest and best-tasting fudge from Calico Cottage has turned this retailer's store into a destination that generates incredible buzz

About 17 years ago, I worked in a little fudge shop in upstate New York. I remembered that the owner and her husband made fudge, but the method was kept a secret. It was the best-tasting and creamiest fudge … and we sold a lot! When I had the opportunity to open my own business, I knew it had to involve fudge. There was no one in the area selling fudge and I knew it would be a winner. I recalled the name Calico from my past, did an internet search and found Calico Cottage. I said to my husband, “That has to be it!”

I’m very excited because my store is now a destination. We’re known as having the best fudge anywhere. I don’t have to say anything when we have customers in the store. They talk to each other and rave about my fudge. People know they can’t get fudge like mine anywhere else. I have so many letters and notes from customers thanking me for being here. It’s just incredible.

When people find out that our fudge is homemade, it becomes their item of choice. Calico’s product is simply the best fudge. I can totally count on this product. People tell us that they’re not really a fudge person, but after one taste, they’re buying fudge. They just always thought fudge was grainy, but ours is buttery and creamy. People have mentioned that they’ve bought fudge on vacation only to throw it out because it’s just not the same. Still, other customers take a supply of fudge from my store when they go on vacation, so there’s no need to buy any at their destination.

Something Sweet
Michele Michel