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Customer Story

Turning Fudge from Sideline to Main Line

Calico's marketing and merchandising expertise through their Retail Solutions program helped four sisters turn a nice, little "add-on" into a thriving and successful fudge business.

We got into the fudge business because we thought fudge would be a nice add-on to our product line. We wanted our store to smell good and thought the kettle would add ambiance. We had no idea that fudge would take over as it has! We thought it would be a sideline and it quickly evolved into a main line for us.

We love doing business with Calico. There are not too many companies where we get the turnaround on an order as we do with Calico. Our product is always shipped complete and everything has always been in stock. We've also been very pleased with the timeliness of orders - Calico ships within a day or two. We use a big range of Calico's fine products - items such as caramel for apples and pralines for our chocolate praline pretzels. Calico's product line has always been very fresh - very good.

Calico's method of marketing has been very profitable for us. We use the promotion, "Buy 1 Pound, Get a 1/2 Pound Free" to spur on sales. People know that when they come into our store they will have 12-15 flavors of fudge from which to choose. The recipes that Calico provides are outstanding, the seasonal tips are great, and the newsletters are extremely helpful. Our Rep was very specific about our set-up, display and presentation. We paid a lot of attention to what he said and followed his expert advice.

The fudge operation has increased our business and people come back, time and again, for fudge. Customers tell us that the competition's fudge is not nearly as good as ours. Day in and day out, fudge is one of our traffic builders and we're quite happy with our sales. We feel very fortunate that we made the decision to go with Calico.

FS Chocolatiers
Sara Jones