Customer Success Stories

 We have helped customers from all over the United States grow sales, increase margin, and keep consumers happy. We like to showcase our customers’ successes because we know when they are successful, we are successful. 




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A Booming Business, Thanks to Fresh Fudge

By carefully applying Calico’s Fudge Retailing Program, one retailer’s sales have grown 38% a year

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A Longtime Dream of Selling Calico Fudge Comes True

One man refused to give up his dream of starting Calico's fudge program. Stalled for 20 years, he finally made it happen and now enjoys its rewards.

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Atkins Farms Country Market: A Customer Story

A country farm market made fudge the cornerstone of their candy department and appreciates the joy it brings to shoppers.

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Franklin’s General Store: A Customer Story

When this retailer inherited a fudge business, after purchasing a local country store, he found that fudge attracted consumers and spurred sales.

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How Calico’s Fudge Retailing Program Has Helped a Little Farm in the Middle of Nowhere Boost Sales

A renovation paved the way for Calico's Fudge Program and turned an isolated orchard into a fudge mecca where fudge outsells their signature item.

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This Retailer Won a Contest after Selling Fudge for Only a Few Weeks

The ease of the Calico Fudge Program made this newcomer feel like a pro

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Tourists Go Bananas for the Chocolate Monkey

How fudge helped one store expand to seven

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Turning a Store Into a Fudge Destination

Making and selling the creamiest and best-tasting fudge from Calico Cottage has turned this retailer's store into a destination that generates incredible buzz.

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Turning Fudge from Sideline to Main Line

Calico's marketing and merchandising expertise through their Retail Solutions program helped four sisters turn a nice, little "add-on" into a thriving and successful fudge business.

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