Fresh fudge that can’t be beat

Great customer service and product have sold this retailer on Calico fudge

Fresh fudge that can’t be beat

Let me tell you how I got started at Calico. My employee brought back a sample of Calico fudge from the Chicago Gift Show.

In time, this employee and I ended up parting ways. Unbeknownst to me, this sample of Calico fudge sat in the corner of my office for, maybe, three years. While cleaning out my office one day, I found the sample. I remembered my former employee said that I would do well with this fudge. Well, let’s give this stuff a try, I thought. Even though the fudge was three years old, I cut deep into the edges and ate the center of the fudge block. It was still smooth and creamy! I wanted to see what fresh fudge would taste like, so I called Calico.

The staff at Calico is very, very helpful in getting people set up. I do ask a lot of questions, but I want to be successful. Even Mark helped with the design of my box.

I wear a lot of hats. We have the Port of Call Restaurant, the Gourmet Galley International Marketplace & Delicatessen, Island Flower Gift & Garden Center, Drummond Island Fudge & Confectionary, L&M Bait & Tackle. Out of all the vendors that I deal with, Calico has been the most accommodating.

Gourmet Galley Marketplace
Mike Helfand