Fudge: The centerpiece to success

Fudge is profitable—and boosts overall sales

For many retailers, fudge is more than a popular item for sale. It’s the lion’s share of profits, too. At Kittery Trading Post, for example, fudge accounts for about $250,000 in revenue and sells at a 60% gross profit margin. According to a Kittery Trading Post executive, that’s especially outstanding when compared to all other products, which have a 35% to 38% margin. What’s more, fudge produces the highest dollar per square foot of any item in the store.

Most important, fudge can boost overall sales, as well. Take Franklin’s General Store. About $320,000 of its $1 million in gross sales is from fudge, at a 70% profit margin. But, in addition, says Jim Holley, “When people have a taste of fudge and joy in their day, not only do they buy fudge, but it puts them in the mood to buy other things in our store.”

“Selling Calico’s fudge is the right thing to do,” says Holley. “It will be a home run.”


  • Turning Stone Casino: A customer story

    Turning Stone Casino: A customer story

    The first thing you notice about Opal’s Confectionery, located right in the middle of the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY, is its large display filled with colorful, luscious fudge.

  • Franklin’s General Store: A customer story

    Franklin’s General Store: A customer story

    At Franklin’s General Store in Mystic, CT., Calico fudge is a high-margin best-seller that boosts overall sales, as well. “If we didn’t have that fudge counter, our business would be half of what it is today,” says Jim Holley, who owns the store with his wife.