Great fudge makes you stand out

One small-town retailer says he’s had phenomenal success with Calico’s Fudge Retailing Program

Great fudge makes you stand out

We’re an old-fashioned type of store located in a small town of 500 people. We’re constantly looking for something that sets us apart from a typical “small town” store and enables us to draw more people.

I’m a fudge fanatic, if you will. I’ll drive 15 miles out of my way to get fudge. This past January, the four of us – my in-laws, my wife, and me – were at the Living & Giving Show in Chicago. The women dragged us to the Calico booth and said, “You’ve guys have got to try this fudge.” I tasted Calico’s fudge and it just melted in my mouth. The texture was just unbelievable – so smooth and creamy. The fudge was calling my name!

At the trade show, I heard two ladies talking about the Calico Fudge Retailing Program to everyone who would listen. These Calico customers came from a small town – an out of the way place – and they made good money. I thought that if it was worth their time, then it should be worth mine. I was sold!;

We tried the Calico Fudge Retailing Program and it has been absolutely phenomenal. People are excited that a store in their small hometown sells fudge. They come in specifically for it. On a good Saturday, we’ll knock out close to 50 pounds of fudge from counter sales alone. Through the week, we’ll average the same. Add in outside opportunities like shows or fundraising and fudge sales skyrocket.

Main Street Mercantile
Brad Weigand