Turning fudge into a year-round business

Calico’s merchandising help allowed this retailer to extend his fudge selling season

Turning fudge into a year-round business

We do festivals throughout the months of September and October in order to draw people into our retail store and get our product out there and visible. When we’re at festivals, what works best for us is preparing 50-75 apples ahead of time for display purposes and then preparing the rest on site

The thing that actually gets people to buy the apples is watching the dipping process. People watch the apple being dunked and the fudge dripping off and their immediate reaction is, “I want it now!”

When Calico’s information arrived, it was, “WOW!” Because Calico has the expertise with regard to great photos, graphics and merchandising techniques, the marketing power that you offer allowed us to look at our program in a different light. We always envisioned doing more than just festivals. This year, we included a graphic in our holiday catalog and it generated fudge apple orders all the way through Christmas. This is unusual because once the Fall season ends, we’re out of the apple business and we really don’t pick it up until the following year. On our website, we are now charging $18 for two apples. People are ordering them and we even send them out of the country.

For people, especially those who are not in a retail location with high traffic, the merchandising materials, suggestions and testimonials that Calico provides are helpful in showing that this program is worth doing and can be very successful.

Village Fudge & Candy Shoppe
Jim Quick