Use fudge to create the ultimate destination

With soothing music, colorful candy and the captivating aroma of fudge, this retailer built a relaxing escape

Use fudge to create the ultimate destination

One woman came into the our little fudge factory one day, stopped dead in her tracks, closed her eyes, inhaled the aroma of candy cooking in the air, and declared that she felt like she had just walked into a candy store in a Peter Pan World – soothing music, colorful candy and the wonderful aroma of fudge. It was a treat for the senses and an escape from the pressures of the world.

We’re an hour away from Ottawa and many people wondered why we would build a fudge factory so far from downtown. Our location has turned out to be a great success because we slowly made our shop a destination and people aim for it as a target location for a beautiful and relaxing drive into the countryside. “Let’s take a country drive out to Penny’s Fudge Factory!” People who aren’t inclined to buy something on any given day, may buy something on their next visit.

To make ourselves more attractive, we built a gazebo, and added a waterfall and pond. We put in gardens and walkways. Now, we have people who come and take advantage of the grounds. They may have a little picnic in the gazebo, but they come into the store to buy fudge for dessert. They come back every year. Many of these folks are older people who have given up their homes and farmlands and are now living in apartments – without gardens and grounds. People come to Penny’s Fudge Factory to experience the outdoors and then they come inside to buy fudge.

Nowadays, few people take big holidays. If people want to get away but can’t afford hotels, restaurants or a lot of gas, they’ll take a little drive, pick up a special treat – like our delicious fudge –and still have time to take a leisurely drive home. Our store meets all these needs.

We recently made an agreement with one of our local farmers who has felt the pinch in terms of getting people to come to his farm to do “pick your owns.” He has a beautiful vegetable garden, but he’s struggling to get people to drive out to his place. He can’t spend a lot of money on advertising and signage. We’re going to be building an outdoor farmer’s market – very attractive and very complementary to the shop’s Peter Pan atmosphere. Our customers will now be able to purchase our partner’s fresh-picked produce. It’s a partnership that will work well for everyone.

Penny’s Fudge Factory
Syd Gravel