Profit calculator

Estimate your fudge sales and profit potential and see the benefits of the Calico Fudge Retailing Program. To get started, type your answers into the blue sliders below or drag them from side to side. For more details, mouse over the Question Mark next to each of the boxes with sliders.

Contact Calico Cottage if you have any questions or would prefer to have us personalize the Profit Calculator for your location.

Calculate Your Profits with Fudge!

  1. HelpEnter the number of days your establishment is open per year.
  2. HelpThe Number of Daily Opportunities is the typical number of ‘buying groups’ visiting your fudge location on a given day (which may not be everyone that visits your store). A buying group might consist of several family members. For example, three members of a single family would be considered one buying group.
  3. HelpSelect the retail price per pound you would like to charge for fudge.
  4. HelpOffering samples increases the number of fudge sales. Lowering the rate at which you sample will decrease sales and profits.

Watch Your Results

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Please Note: Typical initial investment for fudge-making tools and equipment is $7,600. The fudge profit shown is net gross profit and does not include labor costs as most fudge programs do not require hiring of additional labor. Typically fudge sales are highly incremental and do not cannibalize other sales. Contact Calico Cottage to develop a more in-depth business plan for your location today.