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We’ll show you how you can
make 6 feet work like 60
at the 2016 Las Vegas
Souvenir & Resort Gift Show

The Calico Cottage Fudge Retailing Program is one of the
top profit producers per retail square foot.

Over 50 years of fudge retailing has proven that profits are based on the number of days per year a store is open, its traffic, and the percentage of shoppers that are offered a free taste. Sampling fudge turns browsers into buyers...and buyers mean sales and profits.

Branded to your name and made of the best ingredients, Calico Cottage's Fudge Retailing Program will make your store a must-visit destination.

Stop by Booth #2249 at the
September 18-21, 2016 | Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 3-4

Mention this web page for a deluxe sample of the most creamy, delicious fudge. Want to attend the show? Please click here to purchase a show pass.

Can't wait for the show to hear more information? Play the following video to learn more about why selling fudge works for the following retailer:

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