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We’ve grown our fudge business to grossing approximately $250,000 a year

at an over 60% profit margin, which is outstanding…the rest of our building typically generates far less profit“
Vice President, Kittery Trading Post


Take a look at how Calico has helped businesses turn huge profits with our fudge program.

Fudge sales grew to over $225,000 in revenue in one year,

+44% growth over the past four years, at a margin of 76%.
Rick Trigg, Retail Operations Manager- The Arch Store

I ran some projections and predict that our first year’s profits, excluding labor,

will be in the $100,000 to $125,000 range. I like that!

The entire experience has just been great and the product is excellent.

Steve Saubert - Sea Lion Caves

The fudge program exceeded its goal by +20% and

delivered $1.2 million in retail sales

during the selling period.
Club’s Bakery Broker

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