Make Fudge

From the basics of how to make kettle fresh fudge and care for your kettle to expert advice on decorating fudge, here’s everything you’ll need to create the world’s finest treats and novelties.

Make Fudge

All Fudge Recipes

All Fudge Recipes

If you can make it with fudge, you’ll find it here. Browse hundreds of recipes to try something new or discover a classic favorite.

  • Fudge Recipe Collections

    Looking for kettle fresh fudge recipes with peanut butter? For kids? Summer favorites? Browse recipe collections for every occasion and palate.

  • Fudge novelties

    Every holiday and season is a fresh opportunity to create delightful fudge confections sure to please your customers. Learn how to add some pizazz to your fudge lineup.

How to make fudge (& more)

  • How To: Make fudge

    How To: Make fudge

    Read step-by-step tips or watch Calico's expert fudge maker prepare delicious, creamy fudge.

  • How To: Drizzle fudge

    How To: Drizzle fudge

    Easy-to-follow hints for making your fudge look even more eye-catching.

  • How To: Make Fudg-Kist™ Apples

    How To: Make Fudg-Kist™ Apples

    An irresistible blend of tart and sweet, fudge-dipped apples are a delightful treat any time of the year.

  • How To: Rework fudge

    How To: Rework fudge

    Learn how to keep fudge fresh and extend its shelf life.