Master Fudge Maker Really ‘Rocks’ With Peeps®

Master Fudge Maker Really ‘Rocks’ With Peeps®

The creativity of Karla, Calico Cottage’s master fudge maker, is pretty much boundless. Even when Karla isn’t on the job inventing new fudge flavors like Shirley Temple, her busy brain is swirling with clever ideas for elevating food into art.

So it’s no surprise to anyone at Calico Cottage that Karla was the second-place winner in the first “Deck the Peeps®” Holiday Art Contest. Sponsored by the makers of those colorful shaped marshmallow treats, the contest required entrants to use at least two varieties of Peeps in a holiday-themed creation.

Karla’s award-winning entry featured a Rockettes-style kick line of green chick Peeps adorned with matching red dresses and pompom hats. They kicked up their yellow pipe-cleaner legs on a stage topped by a marquee sign and decorated with potted Peeps Christmas trees and snowmen.

“It brought out the kid in me again,” says Karla, who cut, glued, sewed and crafted her creation during several nights. She says she was inspired by the sight of box of Peeps, which reminded her of a Rockettes kick line. “I’m from New York,” she says, “and the first thing I think about when I think about Christmas is the Radio City Music Hall show.”

The contest winners were selected by visitors to the Peeps’ website, who voted for their favorites. After receiving the second-highest vote total, Karla was awarded $50 in Peeps treats and a $50 gift certificate to the Peeps store.

She’s already turning her thoughts to this winter’s competition but is keeping mum about the details. “I have a few ideas for the next contest,” she hints. “We’ll see where that leads!”