How To: Add toppings to fudge

Make popular flavors such as fudge with M&Ms®, fudge with Heath® candy and more.

Quick tip:

Be sure to check Calico’s recipes for specific waiting times before you add toppings. If you wait longer than the recommended time period, the fudge will be too firm for adding toppings.

VIDEO CREDITS: Karla Bayon, Calico's Fudge Maker shares her fudge making secrets.

Step 1.

Let the fudge set according to each individual recipe before adding toppings.

Step 2.

Sprinkle chocolate chips, M&M’s® or Reese’s® Pieces across the fudge’s surface.

Tip: Wait 1 to 1.5 hours before adding chocolate chips otherwise the chips will melt and get white spots. Wait 30 minutes before adding M&M’s® or Reese’s® Pieces.

Step 3.

Use a metal spatula to gently press the toppings into the fudge.


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    Add-ins & Confections

    Calico offers a host of ingredients that can be added to fudge to create an unlimited number of flavors. Add-in ingredients take several forms: crunchy nuts, yummy candy or fruit pieces, slabs for layered effects, mashes for fruity flavors and even gooey favorites like JIF peanut butter. Whatever you add to your fudge, you can rest assured knowing Calico sources only the finest ingredients and add-ins and does extensive testing to be sure your fudge is delicious every time.