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Boston Cream Pie Fudge Recipe

Vanilla Fudge blended with vanilla wafer cookies, layered with Vanilla Fudge and Whipping Agent, and then topped with Chocolate Fudge.

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    • 4.35 lb(s)
    • Vanilla Fudge
    • 1 lb(s)
    • Chocolate Fudge
    • 2 Tbsp(s)
    • Water
    • 1/2 lb(s)
    • Vanilla Wafer Cookies (broken in pieces)
    • (one brand is: Nabisco® Nilla® Wafer)
    • 0.15 lb(s)
    • Whipping Agent or
      Marshmallow Creme
    • 1/4 tsp(s)
    • Vanilla Flavoring
    • 5 drop(s)
    • Yellow Food Coloring
    • Calico
    • Calico
    • Other
    • Other
    • Calico
    • Calico
    • Calico
  • MIX USED Plain, Chocolate
  • SEASON All Year
  • SERVINGS 1 Slab
  • HOLIDAY Anytime
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