How To: Check fudge consistency

Learn how simple it is to ensure your fudge is always creamy, delicious and soft.

Quick Tips:

As seasons change, water amounts change as well.  It is important to record the date so that other fudge makers know what the correct water amounts are at any given time.

To make sure you achieve the perfect consistency each time you make fudge, record the amount of water used in the "Water Amounts Being Used" chart in the front of your Fudge Manual. Use a pencil to enter information so that it can be erased and modified throughout the year.

VIDEO CREDITS: Karla Bayon, Calico's Fudge Maker shares her fudge making secrets.

Step 1.

Fudge must first set for 24 hours at room temperature.

Step 2.

To check its consistency, carefully lift a corner of the pan liner, raising the fudge out of the pan. If the slab bends or cracks, too much water was used.

Step 3.

Using one finger, gently press the fudge through the liner. If your finger makes a small indentation and the fudge “gives” a little, it is ready to cut and serve. If an indentation isn’t made, the fudge is too firm and more water should be used.