How To: Cut pan liner paper

Learn how to insert parchment pan liners to ensure your fudge always fills the pan properly.

Quick Tip:

Be sure the pan is completely free of moisture. Otherwise, the pan liner on top of water will create mold.

VIDEO CREDITS: Karla Bayon, Calico's Fudge Maker shares her fudge making secrets.

Did You Know?

Mold grows in a washed pan that hasn't been thoroughly air-dried?


Step 1.

For best results, cut one liner at a time.

Step 2.

Position a clean pair of scissors at one corner of the sheet. Make a 45-degree cut that is the length of the scissors’ blades.

Tip: Each cut should be approximately 3.5 inches in length. This way, when you press the pan liner into the pan, the edges of the liner will overlap and fit snugly in the pan’s corners.

Step 3.

Repeat in each corner.

Step 4.

Press the pan liner into a clean, dry pan.

Step 5.

Use your finger to press the liner into the pan, creasing it into the edges of the pan.


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