How To: Make fudge

Read step-by-step tips or watch Calico's expert fudge maker prepare delicious, creamy fudge.


To demonstrate the process, a batch of Chocolate Fudge will be made. Follow specific recipes when you make different flavors as measurements and ingredients will change.

The kettle has been positioned sideways so that the camera can better capture the instructional steps. Follow your Setup Guide and Fudge Manual for proper positioning and use of the kettle.

We recommend adding the butter before the water. If you drop the butter chunks into the water, the water may splash you.

Pouring the chocolate mix may create a small amount of powder. This is normal and will not affect your product.

VIDEO CREDITS: Karla Bayon, Calico's Fudge Maker shares her fudge making secrets.

Fudge Recipes

150+ ways to make every batch delicious


Step 1.

Turn the kettle temperature to “high.”

Step 2.

Cut two pounds of butter into six to eight pieces and put them in the kettle.

Step 3.

Add seven cups of water.

Step 4.

Cut open “Part 1” of the mix and add it to the kettle.

Step 5.

Set a timer for 7 minutes and let the ingredients blend.

Step 6.

While the ingredients are mixing, prepare the pan, liner and other ingredients.

Step 7.

After 7 minutes, add all four bags of chocolate mix to the kettle.

Step 8.

Set the timer for 10 minutes and allow the ingredients to blend.

Step 9.

After about five minutes, pause the kettle and scrape down the sides and agitator so the ingredients blend thoroughly.

Step 10.

Restart the kettle and add five teaspoons of vanilla flavoring and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Step 11.

When the timer rings, the fudge is ready to be poured.


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