How To: Pour fudge into plastic containers

Easy to use plastic holiday containers can make every occasion special.

Quick tip:

Gently press in candies or sprinkles, or decorate with piping to increase appeal.

VIDEO CREDITS: Karla Bayon, Calico's Fudge Maker shares her fudge making secrets.

Did You Know?

Potassium sorbate is not a preservative and won't extend the shelf life of fudge?


Step 1.

Add a quarter-cup of more water than usual to a full batch of fudge and blend for a few seconds in the kettle.

Step 2.

Pour some fudge into a fudge mixing bowl for easier pouring.

Step 3.

Slowly pour the fudge from the mixing bowl into a container, using the scraper to maneuver the fudge.

Step 4.

Fill to just below the container’s “fill” line to leave room for decorations and piping.

Step 5.

Gently jiggle the container to level the fudge. Let set overnight before placing the lid on the container.


Don’t try to pour the fudge from the kettle directly into the container.


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