How To: Cut and weigh fudge

Make sure your fudge looks good every time you remove it from the pan.

How To: Cut and weigh fudge

It’s easy to learn how to cut and wrap a half-pound slab that fits nicely into a box for your customers.

You’ll need: metal spatula, scale, plastic (deli) tissue, box, plastic knife

Step 1.

The flat surface of your metal spatula is approximately the size of a half-pound (8 oz.) piece of fudge.

Very gently press the surface of your spatula along a corner and edge of fudge so it leaves faint lines on the fudge. (You don’t really “score” the fudge. It’s an approximate measurement. So this step would really be placing the spatula on the fudge to approximate the size of a half-pound piece.)

Step 2.

Make the first cut by pressing straight down into the fudge using the spatula’s narrow edge.

Step 3.

Then, cut along the long edge to create a half-pound piece of fudge.

Step 4.

Place a piece of plastic tissue on the scale, and use the spatula to put the cut piece of fudge on the scale. Be sure the piece weighs 0.5 pounds. (Weight can be approximate since you are weighing and selling by the pound – just like in a deli, “It’s a little over, okay?”)

Step 5.

Remove the fudge and plastic from the scale. Pull one side of the plastic over the top of the fudge to cover it.

Step 6.

Pull plastic over the other side of the fudge.

Step 7.

Press down on the two open sides to flatten them.

Step 8.

Tuck both sides under the fudge.

Step 9.

Place the wrapped fudge into a box and place a plastic knife on top. Close the box.

Your fudge is cut, wrapped and customer-ready!