Say Olé to Sangria Fudge -- a refreshing summertime flavor

Say Olé to Sangria Fudge -- a refreshing summertime flavor

Sangria is a delicious wine punch that has its roots in Spain, but is quite popular around the world.

The name comes from the Spanish word, sangre, which means blood and is representative of the deep red color of the wine from which it was originally made. Although there are many variations, including a Sangria Blanca using white wine, traditional sangria is made from red wine, soda and fruit. 

In our scrumptious and colorful version, Sangria Fudge is made from a full-bodied Cabernet Fudge layered with Orange Fudge and Lemon Fudge – two bold citrus flavors that give this flavor its tangy and refreshing taste.

Although a perfect summer flavor, Sangria Fudge can be enjoyed year-round. Try this easy-to-make recipe and let the fiesta begin! 

Fun Fact: Many people had their first sips of Sangria when it was first introduced in the U.S. at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Served in the Spanish Pavilion, the drink was a huge success and has been a beverage staple ever since.