Have you scheduled your one-on-one consultation?

Have you scheduled your one-on-one consultation?

It’s critical to continually assess your business to make sure you’re doing everything to maximize profits and keep your business running strong. That’s why we’ve been talking directly to fudge retailers, like you, about specific ways to improve sales, profits and explore new opportunities for selling fudge. Not sure it’s worth your time? Think again.

Katie Martin, owner of Touch of Love Florist and Weddings in Colorado recommends scheduling a call. “This consultation was well worth the small investment of time,” says Katie. “I was given new ideas for marketing and getting my product out to new people. We went through some of the calculations on offering the promotion and I saw how we could be making as much, if not more, profit by doing that. That was eye-opening!”

Fudge retailers who have completed their consultations have gleaned knowledge about their individual costs to make fudge. They’ve also uncovered information about increasing transaction sizes, controlling costs by reworking fudge, fundraising techniques that also help drive traffic, in-store programs customized for their store, and options that can save thousands in shipping charges.

Our one-on-one phone consultation will help you achieve the most value you can with the Calico Fudge Retailing Program. During the call, a Calico team member will:

  • Help you understand how much it costs to make a pound of fudge and how much you earn when selling that pound
  • Provide you with a personalized business model
  • Discuss current profit margin
  • Review opportunities to help grow your fudge sales and profits even further

Why not take the first step in discovering how you can improve your bottom line and schedule a time to talk? On the form, you’ll answer a few short questions and also select the preferred date and time for us to call. If you prefer, you can provide your information and select a consultation time by calling Rita Lutz at 800-645-5345 (USA & Canada). Why not see just how strong and prosperous your fudge business can be?