Want a foolproof way to sell more fudge?

Regularly offering customers free fudge with a purchase (“Buy 1 lb., Get ½ lb. FREE” or “Buy 4 pieces, Get 2 pieces FREE”) drives sales and leads to a much higher ring at the register. At first glance, it may not seem that “giving away fudge” will make you money, but the truth is upselling increases the size of the average unit sale and gross profit dollars per transaction. It is an investment that gives you a predictable return.

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  • Planogram 101

    Planogram 101

    To tempt every customer to buy your fudge, you’ll want to display it in the most appealing and attractive way.

  • Recipe for success: Inventing seasonal creations

    Recipe for success: Inventing seasonal creations

    Your customers are sure to love Calico’s delicious fudge flavors. But, to drive sales further, consider creating your own unique tastes and shapes. At Opal’s Confectionery, for example, employees often try out new flavors--everything from eggnog at Christmas to pina colada for the summer. “It’s great for our staff to try to be creative and have fun,” says Opal’s Wendy George.