Yvonne Palermo

Yvonne gets a kick out of cooking, gardening (she considers it dirt therapy), and making her own pickles. She watches Food Network for recipe ideas and feels like Ree Drummond, Kardea Brown, Sunny Anderson, and Ina Garten are personal friends. Yvonne has double-jointed fingers and is a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. She loves Cinnamon Glazed […]

Paul Fudalan

Paul is a native Filipino who likes hanging with his sister, watching YouTube and Netflix, or playing games on his phone. He’s a fan of action and enjoys the Avengers series, as well as Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies. Musically, Paul has a soft spot for a good love song. He also likes basketball […]

Nicole Lydon

Nikki loves to hang with friends and go hiking or visit breweries. She enjoys going on short runs and her goal is to do a 10K. Nikki enjoys listening to country music and unaccompanied piano pieces. She likes watching period pieces and fantasy shows on TV. Nikki adores traveling and plans a big vacation each […]

Michelle Kempis

A native Filipina, Michelle immigrated to the U.S. in 2019. She comes from a musical family and sings with her brothers and sisters. She loves to cook, yet her family hesitates to eat her meals since her experimenting can go awry! Michelle watches Netflix and adores inspirational, heartwarming movies. She also enjoys the writings of […]

Marko McLeod

Marko enjoys riding bikes, playing soccer, and shooting hoops with his two sons. He belongs to an over-30 soccer league where you’ll find him each Sunday during the season. He likes board games (Monopoly is his favorite!), listening to all genres of music, and watching Netflix. Marko loves to travel and makes an annual trip […]

Jennifer Collins

Jen is the oldest of six and thrilled to be a first-time aunt. She rides her horse, Annie, an off-track thoroughbred, about four times a week and loves to garden and grow vegetables. She also enjoys reading, country music, and traveling (her favorite place is Kenya where she went on safari). Jen is rarely in […]

Jason Dietrich

Jay spends time with family — entertaining and barbecuing, plus driving his daughter to Girl Scouts and swimming. He loves travel and finds Pennsylvania peaceful and the blue waters of Aruba calming. Visiting Ireland tops his bucket list. Jay enjoys action and martial arts films, but his favorite film is Jaws. He likes old comedies […]

Helene Snyder

Helene is an empty nester with two grown children. She considers herself a homebody, and enjoys gardening, cooking, shopping, and anything family-related. An avid book reader, Helene is partial to mysteries and crime dramas. A good Stephen King novel excites her! Warm weather, beautiful beaches and listening to the ocean are her favorite past times. […]

Diana Calabrese

Family is the most important part of Diana’s life and she spends the majority of her spare time with her son, Matthew, and her seven nieces and eight nephews. She has a warm and generous heart, as evidenced by her favorite pastime: volunteering for the homeless. Diana also loves baking, especially for her colleagues who […]

Arnie Negron

Take one look at Arnie and you’ll see a serious man…serious about fun! He often says that his face fails to reflect his fun side — he’s known for delivering incredibly funny lines with a deadpan expression. In his spare time, Arnie enjoys reading, outdoor activities, playing video games, and people watching at the mall. […]