Maria Revilla

Maria adores spending time with her husband and two grown sons. She also has two dogs — a male Shiba Inu and a female mixed breed. Family means the most to Maria and they talk about everything! Her four older brothers call her for advice and mentorship. Maria likes watching game shows, particularly Family Feud. Maria […]

Ryan Selover

When Ryan was younger, he played baseball and now loves to hit the driving range or play golf. He enjoys watching Formula 1® racing, soccer played in England, and loves hockey. Music? He listens to everything from hip hop to classic rock (yeah, Beatles!) to pop and country. Ryan likes Peaky Blinders on Netflix and […]

Michael Lobaccaro

Michael enjoys running and is a huge sports fan who loves traveling to new stadiums. His goal to visit the stadiums and arenas of all MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams. His all-time favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks and he’s been a proud fan from the day the franchise began. Here’s a fun fact […]

Kelly Harris

Kelly likes to travel, whether it be to visit friends and family or to get away and recharge. Her best vacation to date was her two-week trip to Italy (that included side trips to Salzburg, Austria and Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest). When the weather is nice, she enjoys taking leisurely drives to the North Fork […]

Jeanne Sloup

Growing up, Jeanne spent summers in the Adirondack Mountains and snowmobiled there in the winter. In fact, she has snowmobiled in upstate New York, out west, and Canada. She enjoys the water and loves boating and taking river cruises. With family in Brighton and London a huge draw, her favorite travel destination is England. She […]

Christa Ehlers

In warm weather, you’ll find Christa near the water or in the backyard with family and friends. She swims 3 days a week and has swum across the Great South Bay (5.25 miles) nine times! She’s notorious for eating chocolate chip cookies and rarely foregoes dessert. Surprise…she can curl her tongue into a clover. DMB […]