Vir Sangalang

Vir can’t get enough time with his adorable twin daughters and particularly enjoys when they play together! When not working or taking part in family time, eating and sleeping are his go-to activities. And, by the way, Vir will never turn down Rocky Road Fudge. His favorite quote comes from Abraham Lincoln: “The best way […]

Rusty Aguilar

Rusty’s idea of a good time is a date with his wife — dining out, playing at the casinos, or hopping on a motorcycle. Rusty truly enjoys his motorcycle, in addition to building things. Rusty is fond of Yogi Berra’s quote: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Penuchi is his […]

Max Wurzel

Max loves traveling, whether it’s a safari to Africa, snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands, or an annual “fun in the sun” vacation with extended family (he adores his niece and nephew). Max watches and plays all sports…he’s a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and particularly into […]