Evelyn Rosales

Evelyn is the youngest of four and she adores her family and German Shepherd, Koby, the family’s first pet. In her spare time, she likes to catch up on sleep, binge watch Netflix, or partake in her guilty pleasure…reality TV. She enjoys movies and music, particularly Bad Bunny, a Latino rapper. Evelyn’s family takes walks […]

Gene Waxman

Gene and his wife, Michele, have two children, who are the apple of their dad’s eye! Barring any traffic getting to the beach, Gene loves the ocean and enjoys watching sunsets. He is an information junkie who embraces learning. He enjoys travel, including weekend trips and cruises. Gene’s favorite place is Hawaii (Kauai and Maui) […]

Vicki Gergely

Vicki’s always on the go and enjoys watching her oldest daughter dance, her middle son race mountain bikes and her youngest thrive at being a Cadet for the Civil Air Patrol. A favorite pastime is soaking in the rays at the beach in Montauk or on a long adventurous hike in the mountains of Wyoming. […]

Kathryn Papola

A self-proclaimed “foodie,” Kathryn loves baking and tinkering with recipes. She “dreams in buttercream!” As a child, Kathryn wouldn’t put down her crayons. Today, she paints in acrylics and watercolor, and loves to scrapbook. Kathryn is a joyful person who likes 80’s music, movies, and loves to sing. Her version of karaoke is nicknamed “Kathy-oke” […]

Jessica Jacobs

The bulk of Jessica’s time outside of work is spent with her husband and two daughters — and she’s usually driving the girls to their activities. Jessica enjoys nesting at home and finds pleasure in cooking and baking. She absolutely, no doubt about it, LOVES coffee! She can drink it at night and still go […]

Ian Gerrard

Whether visiting a new town or eating at the latest restaurant, Ian loves experiencing “firsts” with his wife, Franca, and children, Tessa and Wilson. An active family, they ride bikes, play soccer, and get competitive at board games. Ian grew up in Liverpool and adores football (soccer). He plays, watches, listens to podcasts, and coaches. […]

Jason Forrest

Family is important to Jason, and he adores spending time with his wife and two kids. Jason likes taking his kids on bike rides and enjoying playground time. He loves cooking and watches shows like Top Chef. Those who knows Jason appreciate his passion for Penn State Football and Wrestling. Jason’s go-to favorites are Caramel […]