Sammy Zafra

Sammy, a native of the Philippines, enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary Jane, and daughter, Jenessa Maine. A cockatiel and two parakeets round out the family. As someone who loves the outdoors, Sammy enjoys riding his bike around the neighborhood and flying his small drone. He’s a homebody who likes working on household projects. […]

Jun Tenchavez

A native of the Philippines, Jun is a sports fanatic who could watch ESPN all day long. His favorite televised sports are basketball and football. He also enjoys playing basketball, table tennis and was on his high school’s swim team. Jun likes watching action shows and police dramas. He’s fascinated with the military and admires […]

Alex Rivinius

Alex is a quiet, single guy who enjoys photography and works with an entertainment company on the weekends shooting party events, video montages, and manning the photo booth. He loves heading to the beach in the summer and apple picking in autumn. Alex enjoys camping, freshwater fishing, and occasionally fishes off a saltwater charter boat. […]

Virgil Sangalang

Virgil spends as much time as he can with his family and cherishes playtime with his daughter. He’s a closet master chef who loves to cook. Traveling is also one of his passions. Virgil’s practicality shines through in his favorite quote: “Every problem has a solution.” Virgil can’t get enough of Cookies & Cream Fudge […]

Myra Kempis

Myra, a single mom of ten, enjoys cooking for family. Her signature dishes are Filipino-based: rice cakes and sweet puddings. She enjoys discovering new recipes, then creating her own versions. Myra sings with her siblings and loves classic rock. She watches game shows and basketball on TV and plays badminton. She collects memorabilia from the […]

Micoh Bayaua

Road trip, anyone? Micoh is all for them! He adores traveling and driving, so the perfect vacation combines the two. Micoh indulges video games, especially those that revolve around role play. He’s an easy-going guy who enjoys playing and watching sports, especially basketball and tennis. Micoh embraces the phrase, “Carpe Diem” as he truly wishes […]

Mary Kempis

The one thing Mary loves most about living with her five siblings is all the talking, laughing, and singing. Music is Mary’s life and she much prefers it over television or movies. She enjoys karoake, singing, and Tik Tok dances. She’s not into sports, but does enjoy cooking, especially making rice. Not much of a […]

Markevin Kempis

As quiet as Markevin may be at work, at home he plays the drums and loves to sing. He also enjoys playing games online and ranks basketball as his favorite sport. While he doesn’t have a top choice flavor of fudge, he loves Cinnamon Glazed Cashews. Markevin’s words of wisdom: “When you lose the game, […]

Mark Anthony Kempis

Mark Anthony is someone who truly embraces being home. He will admit, however, that he’s lazy about folding his clothes. When he’s not procrastinating about that, he enjoys playing his guitar and listening to music. Mark Anthony follows the words of Confucius: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.” His all-time […]