About Calico Cottage

Calico Cottage has worked tirelessly to become the gold standard in retail solution programs, not just for quality, but for our unwavering commitment to retailer success. This is our special ingredient…it’s the Calico Difference.

Since 1964, our retail programs have generated high profits, increased store traffic, enhanced shopper experiences and set retailers apart from the competition. Calico has invested countless hours to ensure our products and programs continue to set and raise the industry bar. We do so especially in two essential areas: product quality and service excellence.

As deep as our dedication is to our retailers and their customers’ experiences, Calico also devotes time and effort to serve our most valued assets: our employees and our community.

Calico Cares

Internally, Calico works to help improve the quality of life for our employees both personally and professionally. In fact, professional development opportunities are limitless. We provide training to enhance all skill-types, enabling employees to grow and excel within the company. Our priority is always to develop, retain and promote from within, and we achieve this by fostering a spirit of education and encouragement. #calicofamily
Along with professional wellness, Calico emphasizes the need to maintain physical and emotional health by providing an abundance of resources to promote awareness and attention to every element of health. #calicolifestyle
We constantly look for ways to engage our employees, raise awareness and inspire them to join us in giving back. Throughout the year, we support numerous charitable and philanthropic programs that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts. #calicocommunity

At Calico Cottage, we strive to be exceptional inside and out — caring for our customers, providing for our community and enriching the lives of our employees everyday. Just another way we tangibly demonstrate The Calico Difference.